Once a price has been agreed to, I can invoice you via e-mail. Payments may be made by electronic check or credit card via Square or PayPal. Credit card payments can also be handled in person. I also have an Etsy shop for ordering the small prints and cards: ArtOfCathleenPalumbo

Original Paintings & Drawings

I'm happy to arrange an appointment at my studio. All paintings and drawings are on surfaces that have been prepared with archival substances. Most prices listed are gallery prices. Discounts may apply. Prices listed do not include tax, shipping, and insurance. All sales are final.

Call me (505-927-6210) or write (info@cathleenpalumbo.com) for an appointment or quote.

High Quality Reproductions

Archival prints of many paintings are available.  Prints are numbered, signed, and include a Certificate of Authentication.

Pricing for these high quality, archival reproductions are based on size, generally from $75 to $500.
Pricing does not include tax, shipping, and insurance.

To order call (505-927-6210) or write (orders@cathleenpalumbo.com) for a quote.

Poster Style Prints of The Faces Series

The series is on going. For every consecutive 10 paintings, I make a poster. So far, five posters have been created, each containing ten paintings.

Printed on archival, high quality photographic paper, these poster-style prints are available in four sizes:

5" x 7" ($5)
8" x 10" ($10)
11" x 14" ($15)
16" x 20" ($20)

Pricing does not include shipping.

Faces 1 through 10

Faces Series Poster #1

Faces 11 through 20

Faces Series Poster #2

Faces 21 through 30

Faces Series Poster #3

Faces 31 through 40

Faces Series Poster #4

Faces 41 through 50

Faces Series Poster 41 to 50

Small Prints

I am now able to offer archival prints in a small format -- 8.5" x 11" -- for $25 per print plus shipping costs. These paintings are professionally photographed and printed, ready for sale.

All of the Faces Series are available. Other paintings may be available, so check out my web site and let me know if you see something you would like.

A Magpie Dreams A Nest The Seasons Out My Backyard You Are Here The Center of My Galaxy Beyond Fear
El Rito Snow Shine #3 El Rito Morning Light #2 El Rito Rain Shine #1 El Rito Winter Light Under the Tree El Rito Snow Shine #4

Cards: professionally reproduced and printed
on archival paper 5.5" x 7.4" cards in sets of 5
for $25 plus shipping.
Set #1 - El Rito Series
Set #2 - Sampler - A Magpie Dreams a Nest,
Beyond Fear, The Center of My Galaxy,
The Seasons Out My Backyard, You Are Here
or 5 cards of one of the above

To order call (505-927-6210) or write (orders@cathleenpalumbo.com)

Enjoying Art Book

Enjoying Art Book

For more information about the book see the Books & Prints page.

Available through Amazon.com for $9.99 or directly from me for $7.99.