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Tree People #5Tree People #4A Magpie Dreams A NestThe Center of My GalaxyMoonlightWindows of the SoulBeyond Fear
The Seasons Out My BackyardI Release YouTree People #3 Tree People #1 Tree People #2Plum Island - Last DaysOpen Doors #6Open Doors #4
Keepers of the FlameYou Are HereRio Grande Gorge #1Night VisionSnow TonesEl Rito Morning Light #2 El Rito Rain Shine #1
Faces Series #60Faces Series #59Faces Series #58 Faces Series #57 Faces Series #56 Faces Series #55Faces Series #53

"If it is possible to be balanced between dreaming and waking it is in the act of painting.  Life, in all its complexities and distractions, begins to make sense in the creation of a painting that holds as much mystery for the painter as the observer.  The dreamer understands the mystery and knows that language can never express it so completely."        Cathleen Palumbo, 1998

New Offering: Small Prints for $25
I am now able to offer archival prints
in a small format -- 8.5" x 11" -- for
$25 per print plus shipping costs.
These paintings are professionally
photographed and printed, ready for sale.

All of the Faces Series are available.
Other paintings may be available, so
check out my web site and let me know
if you see something you would like.

The Seasons Out My Backyard A Magpie Dreams A NestYou Are HereThe Center of My GalaxyBeyond Fear
El Rito Snow Shine # El Rito Snow Shine #4El Rito Rain Shine #1El Rito Winter Light Under TreeEl Rito Morning Light #2

Cards: professionally reproduced and printed
on archival paper 5.5" x 7.4" cards in sets of 5
for $25 plus shipping.
Set #1 - El Rito Series
Set #2 - Sampler - A Magpie Dreams a Nest,
Beyond Fear, The Center of My Galaxy,
The Seasons Out My Backyard, You Are Here
or 5 cards of one of the above


Friday, May 25, 2018 5:24 PM

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I also have an Etsy shop for ordering the prints
and cards: ArtOfCathleenPalumbo

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